Made in the UK: Sleep Sprays – Tried & Tested

Something I have been trying a lot this year are sleep sprays. The nightly routine, or I should call it ritual, of spraying this heavenly mist onto my sheets and pillow is something I look forward to each night.

Sleep sprays contain a blend of essential oils (most commonly lavender and camomile) which help promote sleep and relaxation. Essential oils have been used for nearly 6,000 years, with the aim of improving a person’s health or mood – so there must be some merit in it!

Inhaling essential oils directly affects the olfactory system, the part of the brain connected to smell, including the nose and the brain. As the molecules reach the brain, they affect limbic system, which is linked to the emotions, the heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress, and hormone balance. In this way, essential oils can have a subtle, yet holistic effect on the body. (Biology lesson over…!)

There are ALOT of sleep products out there these days and I have been thoroughly enjoying researching and trying them out! (I wish I had the budget to test all of these but alas paying the rent comes first haha!)

The ones that I have mentioned but not reviewed are those products available in the UK (or that ship to the UK) and are on my list next to try!

So lets jump right in…

Salts & Co – Calm Pillow Mist

Price – £10.99 for 100ml

Vegan? ✅ 
Cruelty Free? ✅

* Get quite a lot of product
* Smells pleasant
* Handmade
* Ethically sourced products
* Packaged in a recycled PET bottle
* Would be great as a room spray

* Quite a high price point for what it is
* Doesn’t evaporate very quickly and leaves bedding a little damp
* Smell fades very quickly
* Fragrance is quite mild and not potent (could be a positive for some people though)

Rating : 2️⃣out of 5️⃣

Made by Coopers – Sleepy Head Room & Pillow Spray

Price – £15 for 100ml

Vegan? ✅ 
Cruelty Free? ✅

* Smells divine – scent is a very pleasant and subtle mix of lavender and camomile
* Organic
* Disperses very finely so doesn’t cause dampness
* Comes in lovely packing and is well presented
* Would work well for a gift
* Definitely felt more relaxed

* High price point, more of a gift item or luxury purchase

Rating : 4️⃣out of 5️⃣

This Works – Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Price – £18 for 75ml

Vegan? ✅ 
Cruelty Free? ✅

* Yes, it actually works! Every-time I used this product I had a deep and undisturbed sleep, I was shocked!
* Dispersed easily and didn’t leave the sheets wet
* Great size for travelling – would be great to use on a long haul flight for example

* Expensive for the amount you get

Rating : 4️⃣out of 5️⃣(I would have given this a 5 because it is so effective  but the high price takes a point away)

Feather & Down – Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray

Price – £7 for 100ml

Vegan? ✅ 
Cruelty Free? ✅

* Amazing value for money
* They have whole range of other sleep products which compliment the sleep spray
* Does make me feel sleepy
* Love the scent! Isn’t too overpowering but long lasting

* Some people say that it has a strange ‘plastic’ smell to it, like a plastic dolls head – I can see what they mean but I really like it!

Rating : 4️⃣out of 5️⃣

Votary – Pillow Spray

Price – £30 for 100ml

Vegan? ✅ 
Cruelty Free? ✅

* Amazing scent that lasts
* Comes in amazing packaging that would be perfect for a gift

* Very very expensive! More of a high end/luxury purchase 

Rating : 3️⃣out of 5️⃣(I would have given this a 4 because I really really really loved the smell, but the high price takes a point away)

My favourite?
This Works. Simply because this stuff, well, really WORKS. I recently used it on an 11hr flight and I was OUT LIKE A LIGHT. I don’t use it everyday as it is an expensive purchase, so Feather & Down is my joint favourite! 

Sleep Sprays to try next…

Boots Sleepeaze

£5.99 for 100ml

Lush – Twilight

£20.00 for 200ml

Dr Organic Sleep Therapy

£5.99 for 75ml

Ren & Now to Sleep Pillow Spray

£18 for 75ml

Cowshed Sleepy Cow Calming Pillow Mist Spray

£16 for 100ml

Neom Perfect Nights Sleep Pillow Mist

£20 for 30ml

Neals Yard Goodnight Pillow Mist

£15 for 45ml

Rituals The Ritual of Dao Bed and Body Mist

£16 for 50ml

DISCLAIMER: Votary and Salts & Co sent me their sprays for free for the purposes of a review. The rest of the sprays I purchased myself with my own money. I was not paid to make this blog post or to say anything about these products. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be valuable to my audience. Affiliate links to the products are indicated with a * and I receive a small commission each time you buy the product through this link and you pay no more. In some cases you will receive a discount. This is my own personal review on the product(s) in question for educational purposes.

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