My Christmas Movie Playlist (#9 is like WTF?!)

Tis’ the season to sit and vegetate in front of the TV. Lets put something good on shall we? Here are my top 10 movies that I watch over the festive period. (Yep, some of them are a bit weird)

What are your favourite Christmas films! Make sure to leave me a comment!

#10 – Die Hard

Is it? Isn’t it a Christmas film? I like to think that it is. I watched this for the first time last Christmas and is perfect for those of you who hate soppy-happily-ever-after Christmas films and need an injection of action into your festive season. “Now I have the machine gun, Ho Ho Ho”

#9 – The Rocky Horror Picture Show 

Bear with me with this one. Its not a Christmas film, but it reminds me personally of Christmas. I remember watching this one Christmas eve with my fiancé and his mum. It was the first time I had seen it (and of course loved it). It now reminds me of Christmas every-time I watch it.

#8  – The Nightmare Before Christmas 

Is it a Christmas film? Is it a Halloween film? I think its both and can be watched for pretty much 3 months solid every year.

#7 – How The Grinch Stole Christmas

What would Christmas be without the Grinch? Jim Carrey is of course brilliant and knowing the physical and emotional struggles of being put through 8 hours of makeup each day is enough to make you love this film even more.

#6 – Home Alone 

What kid hasn’t dreamed of their parents suddenly vanishing into thin air, or, crafting elegant boobie traps for home invaders? But its all about the ending.…total feeeeeeelz.

#5 – Harry Potter & The Philosophers Stone

The Harry Potter franchise totally reminds me of my childhood, especially the Philosophers Stone. I am the same age as Daniel Radcliffe so I literally grew up with these movies so they hold a special place in my heart. (Besides HP always seems to be on the TV over Christmas!) The Christmas scenes in The Philosophers Stone really make me feel all warm and cozy inside. (Hygge I think it is called)

#4 – Jingle All The Way

Total classic Christmas film! I regularly quote this film all throughout the year “PUT THAT COOKIE DOWN” and “TA TA TURBO MAN” are excellent in many situations. My mother in law said she had a real life “Jingle all the way” moment when my fiancé was little. They tried to find a Buzz Lightyear toy for him but they had sold out everywhere. My fiancé said, in his childhood innocence, “don’t worry mum, Father Christmas will get it for me” – so they had to drive a 6 hour round trip or otherwise shatter a young boy’s illusions of Santa Claus.

#3 – Home Alone – Lost In New York

Literally one of my favourite Christmas film of all time. I would happily watch this all year round. My favourite scene is when Marv tries to wash paint of himself and gets electrocuted by the taps. I have fond memories of watching this film with with my dad one Christmas after my parents got divorced and we laughed so hard all of the s**t that was happening around me just seemed to disappear.

#2 – The Lord of the Rings the Fellowship of the Ring

Again, not a Christmas movie but I watch this EVERY year and there is something so magical about it. I also watched it at the cinema when it first came out which was around Christmas time so I think that is where it became a Christmas must watch. (The appendices on the extended edition are brilliant too so well worth a watch.)

#1 – The Muppet Christmas Carol

In at #1 is the classic, The Muppet Christmas Carol. An adaptation of Charles Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol’ but made 1000 times better with our most beloved Muppet characters (and of course Michael Cane). I watched this every year as a kid but only recently rekindled my love for this movie a few years ago. Nothing made it more special than watching it as an adult whilst putting up your first christmas tree in your first home (with copious amounts of mulled wine!)

“But wait, why isn’t “Elf” on your list? Its, like, the best Christmas film of all time”

Its because I can’t stand it! I find it incredibly annoying and moronic. I have tried to watch it sooooo many times but end up turning it off. Sorry Elf fans.

What are your favourite Christmas films? Leave me a comment!

Disclaimer: The movies, posters, characters and such remain the property of the respective studios and this blog post is for informative purposes only. All posters used on a fair use basis. I make no particular claims about the movies. All opinions remain my own. 


  1. Tim
    February 10, 2019 / 12:57 pm

    I have told everyone for years that Muppet Christmas Carol is the best Christmas movie of all time. Top notch!

  2. Craig Pavey
    December 16, 2018 / 6:09 pm

    Great list Charlette! I really like your comments with the movies. I use to watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show in the theaters with people acting out the parts on stage and such. It was quite a time. Take care.

  3. December 15, 2018 / 10:41 pm

    oh gee for me it has to be a Jim Carrey movie or a recent favourite of mine: Kindergarden Cop “IT’S NOT A TUMOUR!”

  4. Mike
    December 15, 2018 / 5:11 pm

    Christmas movies are whatever you want them to be, right? If it reminds you of the season…it’s a Christmas movie! 😉. And “Die Hard” is now and shall ever be…a Christmas movie! Haha!

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