SIMBA Mattress Review!


What is a SIMBA Mattress?

The SIMBA hybrid mattress is a unique combination of 2,500 conical pocket springs and responsive memory foam. It provides five layers designed to fit you.

Other features include:

  • Simbatex® synthetic latex
  • 2500 Conical Pocket Springs
  • 20mm conical spring, enclosed in a 100% polyester pocket
  • Responsive Memory Foam
  • Density: 50kg/m3. Firmness : 60N. Depth: 3.5cm.
  • High Resilience/Density Foam
  • 33kg/m3 density. Firmness : 140N. Depth: 15.5cm

By the way this was my old mattress…..

It was a very kind donation from my sister in law when we first moved into our first (rented) house. You know the feeling of having spent all your savings on a deposit and have no money left for anything else? Well that was us. So this big guy came in handy and served us well for nearly 10 years!

Delivery & Installation 

Delivery was an absolute breeze! The guys came with the new mattress and took the old mattress away at the same time for free!

(The delivery driver was also probably one of the strongest humans I have ever seen, he picked this massive box up containing the mattress like it was nothing. It took two of us to get it up the stairs!)

Assembly was a breeze. You literally just opened the box, pulled the mattress out and it unfolds all by itself. SIMBA also give you a neat little tool to open the plastic which I am going to keep for opening other packaging!

So, we were quite bad and didn’t actually wait the full 6 hours for the mattress to fully settle as suggested in the instructions. I filmed the unboxing video pretty late in the evening, so realistically it only had about 2 hours to ‘settle’ – it was like 1am when we finished filming and we were shattered!

One thing I would say was the smell was pretty strong at first. Like new memory foam smell. It wasn’t unpleasant in anyway but it did have a lingering quality to it and I found I could smell it on my skin the morning after. After about 4 days though the smell vanished.

Head on over to my YouTube Channel for unboxing and tips on how to improve your sleep!


Week 1

First night was weird. After sleeping on such a poor mattress you kind of get used to all the broken springs that get wedged in your back. I kind of felt like Tom Hanks in Castaway when he couldn’t sleep in a normal bed after being rescued from the island (ooops spoiler alert)

Im not going to lie, I did have a restless night – but only because I had to be up at 5am the next day for a radio interview, so I was paranoid that my (3!) alarms weren’t going to go off and kept waking up to check them.

My fiancé, however, said he had the best night sleep ever. And I can verify this as he didn’t move once! Well, not that I noticed he moved because the mattress has different zones that respond to each sleeper. It also stopped him snoring! I don’t know what it did to him but he slept like a baby. He also didn’t wake up like a zombie either. He was even up before me, which never happens.

Throughout the week I still had a few restless nights as I found I was getting rather hot throughout the night. I wasn’t used to the soft padded nature of the mattress after sleeping on my old rock. However, the weather we have been having has been abnormally warm (20 degrees celsius in October!) and I was on my period, which I get night sweats with. So at this point I conclude its not the mattress fault for my restlessness but external factors.

Towards the end of the week I am acclimatising slowly.

One thing I will say is that it felt like I was ‘tipping’ out of the bed, as it doesn’t have ‘sides’ like my old mattress used to. Not sides per-se as this sounds like I sleep in a hospital bed, but the old spring mattresses had this like hard edge going around it. Its hard to explain…

As the SIMBA foam forms to your body, you kind of feel like you are slowly ‘sinking’ out of the bed, but by the end of week one I felt like I had gotten used to this phantom sensation (as I am sure it was in my head)

Week 2

I am about 99% used to the mattress now and sleeping through the night with only about 2/3 wake ups (which are like 50% contributed by my cat jumping on my head). I go to sleep in one position and wake up in the same position which I have never experienced before. Most bizarrely, I have found that I have now become a back sleeper. I always slept on my left hand side but it just doesn’t feel right sleeping like that anymore. In addition, my fiancé no longer wakes me up at all by his constant fidgeting thanks goodness! One thing I have noticed is that when you are ‘cuddling’ you kind of both sink into the same indent in the mattress which normally I end up getting stuck in as I’m the lightest. Not a big deal though, as, in a way, its rather cozy!

Week 3

I feel as though I have become fully accustomed to the mattress now. I look forward to going to bed! Well that hasn’t really changed what I mean to say is I look MORE forward to going to bed. The tipping felling has gone completely and so has the weird sinking feeling. It seems like everything has fully settled and shaped the way it should be.

One thing that shocked me is that my plantar fasciitis has COMPLETELY GONE. I used to wake up in agony with my foot and couldn’t put weight on it for at least an hour after getting up. Since sleeping on the SIMBA mattress for 3 weeks I can honestly say the pain and discomfort has disappeared. I have also noticed my fiancé has not mentioned his back is aching. He always used to say it felt like his back ‘was breaking’ when he laid down on our old mattress.

Week 4

I am sleeping solidly every night! I used to wake up before my alarm but now it wakes me up! I am really happy with the mattress and it has definitely changed the way we both sleep for the better.

One thing I will say is that the mattress does keep you quite toasty. Now the weather is back to normal (November in the UK) and I am no longer on my period, I have concluded that the mattress does keep you warmer than a ‘normal’ mattress. However, I do have very poor circulation so I am either freezing cold (which is most of the time) or lava hot; my body has never quite been able to regulate my temperature right. My fiancé seems to be unaffected by this though, so I think it is just me.

6 months later…

Five glorious months later I am still in love with my SIMBA mattress. I swapped out my winter duvet for my summer one and it has made a HUGE difference, body temperature is totally under control now. I sleep better than ever and honestly, I feel a lot more stress free, relaxed and just less cranky! It just goes to show what a good night sleep can do for your health!


  • INCREDIBLY comfortable
  • GENUINELY good restful sleep
  • You wont be disturbed by your partner if they fidget a lot as it responds to each sleeper individually
  • Easy to set up
  • Free (and fast) shipping
  • SIMBA take your old mattress away
  • If you don’t like it after 100 nights (that’s like 3 months!) SIMBA will come and get it and return your money, no questions asked
  • 10 year warranty
  • Suitable for all style sleepers
  • Design based on sleep data from 10 million sleepers
  • Easy to clean – top white sleep surface can be unzipped and machine washed at 40 degrees – you cant do that with a traditional mattress
  • Payment plans available


  • Keeps you warmer than a usual mattress so if you are susceptible to this you may have to change your duvet/sheet situation
  • Is a very expensive investment – (but WORTH IT)
  • Can be hard to get used to at first

Would I recommend this mattress?


And a little advert I did for SIMBA…


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