The Lush Sound Bath Review – Is It Worth It?

November 17th 2017, I received…The. Most. Amazing. Birthday. Gift. Ever.

A voucher for “The Sound Bath” at one of Lush’s 7 Spa Locations across the UK, from my wonderful fiancé Carl.

Then. Cue Life.

You know that pesky little thing that kind of gets in the way of all your plans you’ve ever made or those promises that you make to yourself? Yep, that happened.

But lets fast forward 10 months to Monday 3rd September 2018.

I am finally sitting at Lush Oxford Street, London.

So what is “The Sound Bath?”

“The Sound Bath” is one of the 11 treatments that the Lush Spa offer (and oh boy how I want to try them all!)

This is how Lush describe it on their website:

“A 60-minute journey into sound, using facial massage and ear candles to aid relaxation and retune the mind and body”

As an ASMRtist (more on what ASMR is HERE) I generally love all things sound related and/or relaxing, so I knew this would be right up my street. The Sound Bath is essentially a carefully choreographed massage which utilises physical sound making items (like rain sticks and tuning forks) whilst being executed in time with a custom made soundtrack.

Coziness is king 

From the moment you arrive (I was 45 minutes early!) you are looked after. You sit in your own waiting area in the basement level of the shop (this was the BIGGEST Lush store I have ever seen! It has 3 levels!) with a cute little sign with your name on it.

At 2:15pm on the dot, I was ushered by my lovely therapist into, for lack of a better description, a traditional English countryside kitchen. The noise from the shop floor next to us was sealed away and replaced by calm and relaxing music.

Also inside was a little snug area, which I deposited Carl at whilst he waited for my treatment to finish.

My therapist offered us both refreshments and made sure we were both comfortable. (I had the most delicious water I had ever tasted!)

What’s in the box?

Once I had filled out the required paperwork and medical questionnaires, the fun began.

My therapist and I sat together on the big wooden table whilst she outlined what I should expect from the treatment.

“It felt like I had come to visit a friend at their house in the country whilst we casually had a cup of tea.”

She then went over to the kitchen area and returned with a beautiful wooden box…which was belching out dry ice…

Inside were two little gifts.

A raw Cacao ‘mushroom’ (vegan!) And a vial of elixir (which I forget what it was actually made of!) Apple I think…(also vegan!) You get to keep the little bottle too! (Not the box sadly..)

These were to be consumed before going into the treatment room, to ‘open up the mind and heart chakras’. Now, I don’t really buy into all of that chakra, reiki, crystal stuff, but all I know is that they both tasted amazing and it was a really unexpected and welcome touch.

The journey begins…

I was then taken to my treatment room. The theme of English country coziness continued everywhere you looked.

Once inside my therapist lit some incense. ‘Inhale’ & ‘exhale’, which represented masculine and feminine energies.

She then demonstrated the turning forks and explained how they would be incorporated into the treatment.

I was left to get ready and once I was comfortably installed in the plush treatment bed, I rang a hand bell to indicate that the therapist could come back in, which made me feel oh-so regal!

The music began; a blend of gentle melodies with a soundscape from an English meadow. Bee’s buzzing, birds singing, wind chimes gently blowing in the breeze.

“Take three deep breaths and relax”

These words were whispered right into my ears – it was literally like a real life ASMR session. I was already in heaven.

What happens in “The Sound Bath” Treatment?

  1. Face Massage: Gentle and tranquil; all done with soft deliberate movements.
  2. Hot Stone Massage: Perfect temperature, not too hot, designed for draining the lymphatic channels of the face.
  3. Tuning forks: This was otherworldly. Between each stage of the treatment, the therapist would ring the tuning forks, placing them next to my ears. She would then place the pointy end on various areas of my face and chest so I could feel the vibrations throughout my body. Sounds weird, but it was oddly relaxing.
  4. Ear candles: This was my favourite part. I had never experienced ear candles before so I was quite nervous at first. As my eyes were closed throughout, all I could see was a raging orange light burning above my head! It was quite alarming, but I knew I was in safe hands. I didn’t feel any suction or anything like that, only the gentle and soothing sound of the material burning above me. It sounded like a crackling fire. I almost fell asleep, so I was rather thankful for the twinkly chimes that told me to turn over to my other side!
  5. Head massage: The soundtrack now shifted to play soothing tibetan singing bowls. The sound literally came from all around, totally surrounding me. The head massage was again, slow and deliberate with just the right amount of pressure. These two things combined = bliss.
  6. Face massage: Like before with the tuning forks in between.
  7. Cold Stone Massage: This I presumed was to now ‘seal’ the lymph drainage on the face as we were drawing to an end of the treatment. Again, the stones were not too cold to be unpleasant, more of a refreshing and awakening feeling.
  8. Then the treatment was over and I was left to gather myself and get ready. I genuinely was half asleep and found it difficult to move for a little while.

Back out in the snug I was reunited with Carl who also had had an amazing time. He said he felt relaxed and cozy waiting for me and didn’t feel at all bored!

Once I had settled, my therapist brought over a tea tray with rather unique tea apparatus on it.

It was ‘made right in front of you’ lemonade. Again accompanied by the SFX dry ice.

The sound theme continued as the lemonade was poured into an actual singing bowl which I thought was kinda cool. (Although I wasn’t a fan on the metal taste it gave the drink..)

Before I left, I had the chance to freshen up in the bathroom. It was a treasure trove of all Lush’s famous cosmetics like Karma perfume, makeup, tooth tabs, soap, moisturiser, which you could use to your hearts content. And oh boy did I!

I felt like I was high 

Something had happened to me whilst I was in the treatment. I went on a journey. A journey through my own mind and feelings. The sound therapy mixed with the gentle massage had reset or restored something inside me. It was the strangest feeling. I felt euphoric but calm, and tranquil. I couldn’t even string a sentence together because I was so relaxed!

At the end of the treatment, once we were back in the hustle and bustle of Lush Oxford Street, I of course treated myself to 4 Lush Bath Bombs, because when in Rome right?


  • Don’t need to get undressed
  • Treatment lasts 60 minutes, so not unreasonably long, or short.
  • Bonus perks included like the eat me & drink me box, plus the singing bowl lemonade at the end.
  • The use of all the Lush goodies in the bathroom!
  • A wide variety of methods used in the treatment that you cant get in a ‘normal’ spa massage.
  • Perfect for a special gift.
  • Everything is Vegan.


  • This wouldn’t be the treatment for you if you don’t like people whispering in your ears or using ‘alternative’ relaxation methods like the tuning forks. I imagine it would be quite alienating if you weren’t prepared for it.
  • It is an expensive day out if you don’t live in London – great for special occasions only
  • The location. I kind of think its undoing all that peace and relaxation you’ve just experienced emerging back onto a packed Oxford Street then having to jump on the tube at rush our with random sweaty human beings…

Value for money? 

Lets break it down..

**These costs are based on my journey from my home in Essex, which is about 45-50 mins train journey to Liverpool Street**

  • Cost of the treatment – £80
  • Parking at train station – £8 (all day)
  • Train fare into London – £33 (off peak travel card)
  • Lunch & Refreshments: £11.35 (Yo Sushi)

Total Cost: £132.35

Of course if you live in a city where there is a Lush Spa, this all would be significantly cheaper. Food is of course optional which would save money. If you are travelling by train, you could pre-book your train tickets well in advance to save some more money (I stupidly brought mine on the day so was a little more expensive) and of course you could blag a lift to the station so you didn’t have to drive and park.

Would I recommend “The Lush Sound Bath?” 

1000% yes!

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